Discord: @limerous
Email: [email protected]



--Info !

Size: 3000 x 3000 px; 144dpi
Usual turnaround time: 1-3 weeks
Comes with a plain background, but you will receive the transparent as well!

--Addons !

[ Free ] Transparent or Solid Color background!
[ Free ] Emotion lines, flowers, etc.
[ +$10 ] One extra character! 2 maximum.
[ +$3 ] Background elements!

--Combos !

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ [ $25 ] Matching set of two!


PortraitHalf BodyFull BodyAnimals

--Info !

Size: 3500 x 2500; 300dpi
Usual turnaround time: 5-10 days
Sketches are black and white by default!
Please note: You will not receive a WIP of a sketch commission unless requested, or if the piece contains multiple sketches.

--Addons !

[ +40% ] One extra character! 6 maximum.
[ +25% ] B&W! I'll add values to your sketch!

--Combos !

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ [ $40 ] Full A4 sketch page (4-6 sketches)!


PortraitHalf BodyFull Body

--Info !

Size: Will depend on the type of piece.
Usual turnaround time: 3-6 weeks
Simple background + any necessary props (weapons, trinkets, etc.) included!
A color palette/mood may be chosen by the commissioner.

--Addons !

[ -30% ] Make the piece black and white instead of colored!
[ +60% ] One extra character!
[ +$10~50 ] Complex background! Price varies based on difficulty!


Basic sheet

--Info !

Size: 3500 x 2500px, 300dpi
Usual turnaround time: 3-6 weeks
Simple background + any necessary props (weapons, trinkets, etc.) included!
The basic sheet includes:
One full body drawing (Naked/Underwear & Clothed versions)
One headshot
Color palette + text
Half body backview or one body part closeup

--Addons !

[ +$35 ] One extra pose! 2 maximum.
[ +$10 ] One extra outfit! An outfit put on the initial full body base! 4 maximum.
[ +$10 ] One extra body part closeup! 4 maximum.
[ +$10 ] One extra headshot! 4 maximum.


Any Assets
PriceDiscussed by budget

--Info !

Size: Will depend on the type of piece.
Usual turnaround time: Personalized to you
This is the only type of commission where I am open to drawing characters solely by text description, this may result in additional charges!
Unless I am in charge of multiple assets, I expect color palettes/characters to be provided by the commissioner.


I am currently AVAILABLE to work for projects, contracts or longer-term work! Please contact me through E-Mail to discuss these!

If you're interested in work that's not listed here, please reach out to me on Discord or E-Mail! I also encourage you to contact me if there is any confusion regarding the pricing of your commission or which category it falls under, I'm always happy to help!

Will DrawWill TryWon't Draw
FanartForced PerspectiveFurries (ˢᵒʳʳʸ)
OCs / PersonasAnimalsFetish/Hate Art
Friends & Family**Action ShotsDetailed Armor
Tasteful Nudity*Mecha
Real People*Gore
KemonomimiDrug Use

* = You must be at least 19 years old to commission these.
** = To draw a non-public figure, I will request written permission. Depending on the type of commission, it will be a requirement.

> General
○ All commission orders & communication must be in either English or Brazilian Portuguese.
○ I reserve the right to decline your commission request without giving a motive or reason.
○ I require a good and/or clear reference of your character, person or animal. I will not draw something based solely on text description.
> Payment
○ Prices are negotiable and can be made to fit your budget, please contact me if you'd like to discuss this.
○ Payment is to be made in USD or CAD only (conversion fees apply). Payment is only accepted via PayPal or, in special circumstances, Ko-Fi.
○ Commission begins only when payment is received.
> Refunds
○ Refunds are not applicable unless I am unable to finish the piece entirely or miss a deadline established beforehand. (See: > Late Comissions)
• I retain the right not to disclose information regarding my reasons.
○ If you fail to pay within a time span of 72 hours, I reserve the right to cancel your commission order. If you come across complications, please shoot me a message to keep me informed.
○ If no contact is made after a week of presenting the initial thumbnail I will drop your commission. You will be refunded but a cancellation fee (20% of the full price) will be discounted from the refund.
○ Once I pass the thumbnailing phase refunds are non applicable.
The estimated turnaround time is usually correct. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me.>** Late Comissions**
Oops! I totally messed up and bit more than I could chew! Here's what you can do about it:
○ If you gave me a deadline that I didn't meet you're applicable for a total refund.
○ If I am late with your commission and you don't desire a refund, you may choose any addon for free! (As long as it doesnt change the full concept of the piece.) This may also be something of equivalent value, like an icon or sketch.
> Permissions & Distribution Policy
○ I watermark most of my art. Please do not remove this identifying marker.
○ Commissions are for personal use only and should not be for resale. I maintain the rights to all my work and reserve the right to post finished pieces in my social medias as well as use them for personal galleries/portfolio, unless previously agreed otherwise.
○ You may use your commission for any sort of personal use, including uploading to personal galleries/imageboards, and make minor edits, cropping, etc.
○ If you have commissioned me, you may repost the commission piece at will, I only request that you provide correct credits and links back to any of my social medias. (@-ing is OK!)
○ Using any and all content made by me for NFT, Crypto or generative AI related activities, including promotional content, is expressly forbidden with no exceptions.


All drawings follow a process similar to this!


Slot 1Available 
Slot 2Available 
Slot 3Available 
Slot 4Available 
Slot 5Available 


Gaby AF — Painting
Magic Marker — Icon
PK — Sketch Page

Hello !

Before you request your commission, please make sure you've read the Terms Of Service, as they will be automatically agreed upon by sending me the following form!If all is well, please continue :)

Request form, please fill it out as instructed!>Paypal Email:
>Your preferred name & pronouns:
>Commission Type + Addons:
>Character Reference(s):
>Other Character Info:
>Commission Details:

Once filled, please submit this form through Discord (@Limerous) or Email ([email protected])!

Thank you !

Filled Form Example !

>Paypal Email: [email protected]*

*I will use this email to request payment through the Paypal service, once your budget is discussed and agreed upon. If this is unavailable to you, let me know here, I may be able to arrange another payment method such as Kofi or similar.

>Username/Sites: @MyUsername (Instagram), @MyUsername2394 (Twitter)
>Your preferred name & pronouns: Name Lastname*, He/She/They, I would like to remain anonymous please

*Please note that this does NOT have to be your legal name. It is the name you would like to be credited with. This can be your preferred name, a nickname, a username, or anything else you'd like to be referred as.

>Commission Type + Addons: A reference sheet with one extra pose, one extra headshot and 2 extra outfits
>Character Reference(s): My character is Chara Cter from TVShowz, there are reference pictures attached!
>Other Character Info: Chara is a headstrong, excitable person. They are always seen with a teddy bear backpack and a locket necklade. Their weapon of choice is a mace and they are fascinated by vending machines
>Commission Details: I would like to have them in both an idling and fighting pose. The headshots should show a front and back view to show the scar on their neck. For outfits, they should have a battle outfit, daily outfit and a pajama set.

Reference Examples !

These images are for reference purposes only and are NOT my property by any means.